I have been teaching on How to get to God. I have discussed several areas that can hinder or prevent you from getting to God. Points that I made in previous blogs and on the radio ministry include: 1. Unbelief, 2. Refusing Spiritual growth, and 3. An unwillingness to repent. If you haven’t heard those lessons and would like to, please contact the ministry at stwteachingministry.com and I can make them available to you.

In this post I want to begin a discussion about unforgiveness. Unforgiveness will prevent access to God. Because God gives us choices, we have the ability to align our will with the will of God and we can choose to forgive. We have to choose to forgive others in order to be forgiven by God. We learn through Mark 11:25 that access to the forgiveness of God requires that we forgive.

How do we forgive folks who mistreat us? You have to consider where the mistreatment comes from. Anything that is good comes from God. (Psalms 86:4-5) That means any evil acts or meanness, or things that are not good that are done toward you by someone else, come from the enemy. Knowing this helps us know where to direct our anger. Our anger should be directed at the devil and we should attack him with the Word of God.We should not attack or direct our anger at people . . . who are essentially being used by the devil to create disorder and confusion. People who are being used to get us out of the peace of God. We know this when actions are not inline with the Word of God. In other words, if people do things that are not consistent with God or what God says, they are acting of themselves and not being led by the Spirit of God.

Hebrews 12:14 teaches us that we should follow peace and that following peace is forgiving. When you are mad with someone you should never forget who you are in Christ. You should never tell anyone that you are going to put down your religion. Christ has given you the ability to forgive. You can walk in forgiveness, and walking in forgiveness is walking in the peace of God. When you are angry and you don’t want to forgive you should pray to God and get His wisdom as to how to handle the situation. He will show you how to forgive, pray for the person and walk in peace, even if the person does not want to be peaceful with you.

God wants you to forgive because He wants to forgive you. In fact, He has made forgiveness available for you through the finished works of Jesus. All you have to do is receive Jesus, and ask God to forgive you of your sins and God will cleanse you from all things that are not like Him. (I John 1:9). I hope this post has blessed you and helps you forgive others. Contact the ministry at stwteachingministry.com as we would really enjoy hearing from you. Praying for you a Happy and Prosperous 2017 in which you continue to grow in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


Refusing Spiritual Growth

I have been teaching on How to get to God. I have explored the need for access to God, even if you are saved. I have also discussed unbelief and how unbelief can keep you from accessing God.

In this post I want to talk about how refusing Spiritual Growth can keep you from getting to God. We know from Jeremiah 33:3 that there are deep things of God and that they are great and mighty things. Knowing that there are deep things of God let us know that we need to be meditating on the Word of God – hearing the Word of God – so that we may grow thereby. Second Peter 3:18 teaches us that we are to grow in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

If you are not growing in the Word of God – learning more and more about Kingdom principles, the Word of God and the finished work of the Christ, then you are stagnant in Christ and God is not pleased – actually you are walking in disobedience. If He says that we are supposed to grow in the knowledge of Jesus, if we don’t grow then we are being disobedient.

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Unbelief will keep you from God

How do you get to God? I established the point that we need to have access to God whether a person is saved or not. Hebrews 4:14-16 teach us about mercy and grace and how in the time of need, they can be accessed by accessing God. This was written to Christians which underscores the fact that we will have times of need where we need a move of God on our behalf. We need to be able to access the fullness of God – His ability, His grace and mercy and His power that is working in us.

Unbelief is stubbornness, hard heartedness, arrogance, stiffened neckish, rebellion – unbelief means that you must have heard about Christ, and after hearing and understanding the finished work of Jesus – you make the conscious decision to reject Jesus. You make the conscious decision to not believe. Acts 7:51 teaches that resisting the Holy Spirit is resisting the Power and Instruction of God. Unbelief prevents access to God – which leaves one alone to grope around in the dark with out direction or insight from the mind of Christ.

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In need of access

Some of you may be asking, How do I get to God? Where is He in my life? Why does He seem silent?  I am starting a series of lessons that give advice on how to get to God. For the Christian, it begins with an understanding that we need access.

Sometimes Christians think that because they are saved that they don’t have to access God. Hebrews 4:14-16 teach us that even though we are saved, we will experience a time of need. In that time of need when we go to God, we will receive mercy and grace. Mercy is not getting what we deserve for the mistakes and meanness that we may do. Grace is God’s ability to do for us what we can’t do for ourselves. Recognize that you need God, whether you are saved or not. You need to access Him. You need to get to Him. He is the only one who can provide you with what you need.

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Purpose doesn’t change

God has always wanted to be with man. He has always wanted to fellowship with man. When Adam sinned and broke our fellowship with God, God purposed Jesus to be the second Adam to restore our relationship with Him. That was Jesus’ purpose and it didn’t change and He knew it was His purpose and He knew when He had done the job.

Luke 19:10 teaches us that Jesus came to seek and save that which was lost. We were lost  because of Adam. We learn from the Gospel according to John that Jesus knew He was on His way to the cross. John 12:24-27 and John 17:1-4.

Your purpose is the same. God may change the plan because of our actions . . . we may go the long way around, but His purpose for us will not change and we will be held accountable for it. Romans 11:29 teaches us that not only is the calling irrevocable, but the gifts are as well. We won’t be talking about the gifts in this post.

Are you fulfilling God’s purpose in your life?  Do the work of God. Finish the work of God. Jesus did the work God sent Him to do and He finished the work and now He is interceding with the Father on our behalf, which is His current ministry.


Purpose before salvation

Genesis 1:27 teaches us that we all were made in the image of God. Yes, that means that those who are saved and those who are not are made in the image of God. Those that aren’t saved are blind to fact that they are made in the image of God. We learn this from 2 Corinthians 4:4. We also learn from 2 Corinthians 3:18 and Romans 8:26-20 that we are transformed by the Spirit of God to the image of God . . . meaning as we continue to grow in the things of God and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior, we begin to look more and more like Him, with His character, attributes and nature.

We learn from Jeremiah 1:5 that purpose comes before salvation. You need to know that your purpose didn’t just originate when you got saved. God had a purpose for you even when you were unsaved, out in the world, living for yourself and not living for God. The Bible teaches that Jesus was made in God’s image. We know that Luke 22:42 teaches us that Jesus put aside His will in order to do the will of the Father. Jesus decided to be obedient to Father God. In His doing this He was proving the purpose and will of God concerning Himself – that He was sent to seek and save that which was lost (Luke 19:10).

If you are not saved, you need to get saved so that you can understand your purpose . . . the work that God called your hands to do to benefit the Kingdom and improve the lives of others. Purpose doesn’t just begin once someone gets saved. That’s when it gets discovered.


Renewing is proving

What does it mean to renew your mind to the Word of God as is taught by Romans 12:1-2.  Your mind is the part of you that exists between your spirit and your flesh. Your spirit has been born from above when you received Jesus as your savior, but your mind has to be renewed. That means that salvation is based on receiving the finished work of Jesus, but renewing your mind is based on YOU deciding that you are going to live your life by the Word of God and not the standards of the world.

Proving your purpose depends on you renewing your mind to God’s Word. We have to play close attention to what God is teaching here. We also learn from Romans 12:1-2 that God’s will for us (His plan and purpose for us) is three things – good, acceptable and perfect. So, we can conclude, any purpose apart from God is not good, not acceptable and imperfect. Proving your purpose depends on renewing your mind to God’s Word, and as we shared in our last post, you are the one who has to prove it.

How do you renew your mind to the Word of God? You examine every aspect of your life through the Word of God. For example, if you are tempted to scream at your neighbor for blowing leaves from his driveway onto yours, you remember that God teaches to treat one another with love and esteem others higher than yourself. God will show you the way you should approach your neighbor and it won’t be through screaming or yelling.

Another verse of scripture that teaches us that the proving of our purpose is up to us and how we prove it is through the Word of God, is Joshua 1:8. We learn here that when we meditate on God’s Word that we make our own way prosperous. So we see here that it is our responsibility to make our way prosperous and we do that by renewing our minds to the Word of God.

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You Prove It!

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Romans 12:1-2 teach us that we have to renew our minds to the Word of God. If we look at these verses of scripture in the Amplified Bible, we understand that we are to prove for ourselves what the will of God is. Us proving God’s will for ourselves is based on us renewing our minds to the Word of God. Renewing our mind to the word of God means that we reject the purpose that the world has for us and that we embrace the purpose that God has for us.

God’s will for us has to be proven by us! It is clear what God’s will is concerning many things and we learn this by reading His Word. Discerning His will for your life not only comes from the written Word, but it also comes to your heart by the inward witness from the Spirit of God. (We discuss the inward witness in the Faith Series) The Holy Spirit is our teacher and He leads us into all truth. You will not arrive at your purpose apart from the Spirit of God. If you don’t know God you will not know your purpose. You will receive the purpose that those who don’t know God have for you and you will fulfill who it is the world calls you to be.That’s dangerous and can even kill you!

Michael Jackson was trying to be who the world called him to be and was so driven by society that he lacked appropriate rest and sleep. He was trying to please others so much that he did not take care of himself. Being driven by others led him to seek sleep through medications and that action led to his death.

A problem in today’s society is an ignorance of purpose. Folks do what they want, when they want and how they want with total disregard to why they were created. Second Corinthians 4:4 teaches us that the enemy blinds folks – and folks have been blinded to purpose. We live in a “me” society based on feeling good and doing what feels right no matter the consequences.

What is your purpose? Why are you here? I will tell you that you are to give glory to God and you are here to make the lives of others better. Understanding that you have to prove your purpose and that you prove it by renewing your mind to the Word of God is a necessary step to fulfilling the purpose that God placed in you.

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Selfie response

What is the response folks get when they post selfies? Are they seeking a “wow you look good” or something along those lines? Seeking the selfie response is dangerous and is further evidence of a yielding to the plan of the enemy. The only response that we should be seeking is God’s response to the work that we do for the Kingdom. Seeking the selfie response is a form of practicing your own righteousness. (Matthew 6:1-4) Our response is to glorify God for who He is and what He has done in our lives. An obsession with selfies gets us away from giving God glory because we are too busy trying to give ourselves glory and get others to agree and support that instead of giving glory to God.

Another example of practicing your own righteousness is posting to dead people and to people who you know don’t use social media. It’s all about the response. If mama has gone on to be with the Lord, why are you wishing her a happy birthday on social media? What response are you looking for from your friends? That’s a form of saying you wish she was here with you instead of being where she is with Jesus. Why are you trying to bring mama back from the presence of the Lord? (Philippians 1:21-24) There are so many other examples of folks seeking a response. Can you think of any?

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Full armor is required to stand against the selfie trap

I have been searching the scriptures to answer the question, “Can selfies trap you?” I talked about how traps are of the devil and how they are set in secret and they use the element of surprise. Traps are used to capture and retain. The Bible says that Christ came to set us free.

In order to avoid being captured by the devil we have to use the wisdom of God. We learned in our last post that the devil uses time to trap us. The message here is that he is trying to get you to change posture. We are to stand in Christ. Standing is the posture that was given to us by the finished work of Jesus Christ; but you have to decide to stand. In other words, Jesus made it to where you can stand, but it’s up to you to actually stand. Standing is based on the full armor of God. (Ephesians 6:11)

In order to not get caught in the selfie trap you have to use the full armor of God to stand against the plots and schemes of the devil. The full armor of God contains elements for protection as well as the Spirit of God, the element with which we go on the offense.

The more obsessed you get with selfies, the more you are yielding to the enemy and the farther away you are getting from the Spirit of God. Yes, He is in you if you are saved, but your ability to hear Him gets less and less as you yield more and more to the works of the enemy.

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Traps will slow walk you down

The devils traps aren’t always instantaneous. He will wear you down over time. His plan is always working and apart from the wisdom of God, you won’t know what he is doing. (2 Corinthians 2:11) That’s the danger with selfies. Folks think that they are harmless – not only that, they are cool and you don’t need anyone else to take a picture for you.

The first selfie may be harmless, but if you give place to the devil, over time the selfies may become an obsession and that harmless selfie will slow walk you down to the place of being completely self-absorbed. You find yourself posting pictures of yourself daily saying things like – “just feeling myself today”, or “check out my new makeup or my new look.” Every post is all about you and how you look.

Here is a practical example of being “slow walked down” that we all can relate to. Usually when we are young our metabolism is fast and we move around more and we can eat things that may not be so healthy but they seems to not affect us much because of our activity levels. But as we get older our metabolism slows as does our activity level  – but our eating habits usually grow worse. We still eat things that are not so healthy – fried foods, sugary food and drinks, etc., and we exercise even less because we are busy with our family responsibilities and work. The next think you know weight has crept on and it didn’t come overnight!  With excess weight comes diabetes, heart problems, high blood pressure and other health problems. God is telling you to eat healthy foods and exercise, but the devil has slow walked you down with years of inactivity and unhealthy eating choices.

I hope this example of how the devil can slow walk you down helps. There is no difference in selfies and what they can do for you. Grow in God with Sow the Word where we are sowing the Word into the heart of man. Visit us at stwteachingministry.com

Can selfies trap you?

I am beginning a new series on selfies. I have been searching the scriptures and seeking the wisdom of God to answer the question, “Can selfies trap you?”. I would encourage you to listen to the radio broadcasts of this lesson on heart radio Heaven 98.3 on Wednesdays at noon EST.

I want to start by talking about traps. Traps are designed to catch and retain. They allow entry but they do not allow exit. The goal of the trap is to catch you and not let go. Traps are of the enemy. God is not trying to trap you. He is not trying to catch you doing something that you shouldn’t and He’s not trying to condemn you. He wants you to proper and be in health and He wants you to live the abundant life that Jesus came to give you. (John 10:10)

Two things about traps I want you think about.

  1. Traps are set in secret
  2. Traps use the element of surprise

Lets talk about traps being set in secret. Think about that. That means that the trapper doesn’t want the animal to know or see the trap being set. Why is that? It’s so that animal won’t know to avoid the trap and it amplifies point 2. It creates surprise; the animal is surprised that it got caught in the trap.

We learn from Psalm 31:4 that traps are from the enemy. God is not trying to trap you. He wants you to accomplish His will for you in the earth and He wants to exalt you to a place in Him; a place where you live a good, happy and abundant life on earth.

An example that may help with this is the police. Have you ever seen a police officer hide? I especially see this on the interstate when they may hide their cars in the median or behind a tree, or under the cover of darkness. The intent is to catch you speaking or otherwise breaking the law. I was in my office one day and I saw a motorcycle cop hide behind a big tree with his radar detector monitoring speed. The Lord spoke up in me and told me that this was unjust and that the motorcycle cop is guilty of speeding himself.

Hiding is unjust – no you shouldn’t be speeding or otherwise breaking the law and no they shouldn’t hide. Them hiding is no different from you speeding – it’s a surprise attack set in secret. No one representing God and God himself is not trying to trap or snare you.(2 Timothy 2:26 and 1 Timothy 3:7)

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Tired of tired folks-deal with the conflict

Have you ever been sick and tired? If you have ever said that, please don’t say that ever again! Jesus died to redeem us from sickness so don’t ever claim what Jesus came to deliver you from. Now that doesn’t mean that the devil won’t try to attack your body with sickness – you just get wisdom from God as to how to deal with it and confess nothing but the Word of God. This will help you in dealing with conflict.


It’s ok to be tired – and when your body says it is tired, what it needs is rest, no caffeine or some drug to try to keep you awake and alert. In Matthew when Jesus was in the wilderness and fasted and prayed, we learn that he was tired and hungry. We see here that He chose to receive nourishment the way that God intended and not through the means of the devil.


What about when you get tired of people? We know from Galatians 5:22 that longsuffering is a fruit of the spirit. The key here for us is being led by the spirit of God. God will give instruction how to deal with folks who are trying your nerves. The question you should ask yourself is how does God want me to impact this person? How can my interaction benefit the Kingdom of God? How can I be salt and Light to this person? If you are struggling in dealing with them seek God’s wisdom as to how to extricate yourself. Remember that God always gives a way of escape. The final thought I want to leave concerning this post is speak the Word – complaining doesn’t help anything. The only real changer is the Word of God. Say what He says and you will succeed every time.


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Overcoming evil with good

I have been teaching on being pre-occupied with evil and have made the point that the world system is run by the devil and that the standard thinking is evil. That means that we have to renew our minds to the Word of God as the Bible teaches us in the first few verses of Romans 12. We have to overcome evil with good. Romans 12:21 – helps us to understand that we can be overcome with evil. Overcome means that the evil amasses you and takes over – I think of it like pulling a blanket over your head and completely covering up with it. Think about it. I am sure that you have hidden from someone under the covers before when you were a child. Darkness can never hide light. Think about that. Evil cannot overcome God – and the goodness of God.


It is God who gives the ability to overcome evil, but understand that it has to be overcome. Evil has power and will whip up on you apart from the Word of God. Let’s make this practical. When folks talk about you and mean to do you harm, how do you overcome that with good? Can you? Can you overcome the evil of the rapist, crook, hater or cheater? You can’t apart from God. I don’t have answers for how to deal with those situations but I have faith enough and I trust God enough to believe that He will give the answer and the needed action. Do you trust God to provide for you? Or do you say that you do, but what you really do is trust in your own power to get things done? You really can overcome evil with good – with the wisdom and power of God.


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Not seeing the Lord

Why is it that people don’t see the Lord? What do I mean by that? Folks see everything else. They see everything on Fox news and CNN. They see everything on social media. They see stuff written in the newspaper and what they do is repeat everything they see, even if they don’t know it to be fact. Well, I think that the assumption is that if it is on the news, in print or on social media, it is fact and is worth repeating. John 17:17 teaches us that God’s Word is truth – not the postings on social media that you are sharing with all of your friends.


The truth of the matter is, not seeing the Lord is being pre-occupied with evil. Being pre-occupied means that what should be occupying your thoughts is not. God should be the focus of our thoughts and the things that He leads us to think upon and do. We learn in Romans 12 that we are to renew our minds to the Word of God. What that means is that the word of the devil is the standard function or the default. That’s why your mind has to be renewed. The devil’s thinking is the default because Adam gave the earth lease over to the devil, making the devil the God of this world. The bottom line here is that you should not be obsessed with social media, the news media and other content outside of God’s Word and His leading.


You think God is silent? Do you feel like you don’t hear from Him and that hearing from Him is a bunch of bunk? The reason you don’t hear from God is because you are not listening to God. Listening to God begins with spending time in His Word and allowing His Word to speak to you. He speaks to the inward witness and will let you know when you are exposing yourself to evil and things that are not like Him.


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Transitions in fatherhood

Yielding to God is yielding to His authority, wisdom and direction for your life. I don’t understand why so many people who were brought up in a household with a mother and father who were married to each other, will decide, willfully to have a baby outside of the marriage covenant, going against the plan of God for the setting of family – when they grew up in the loving environment of both parents.


In Luke 22:42 we learn Jesus yielded His will to that of father God. This can’t be taken lightly. Jesus didn’t want to go to the cross. He asked father God if there was another way – but even in His asking, He immediately proclaimed that He wanted God’s will to be done. Jesus had to submit to God’s will and we do too. We learn later in James that submitting to God gives the ability to resist the devil so that the devil will flee. You have to learn how to submit your will to that of God in order to live the abundant life that Jesus came for you to enjoy.


What does all of that have to do with Transitions in fatherhood? Fatherhood in any other way outside of God’s plan is submitting to the will of the devil and not God. Submitting to the will of the devil opens the family up to his torment, confusion and plan for destruction of the family. Do fatherhood the way God intended. Don’t fight the plan of God. When you work the plan of God He is a co-laborer with you. When you work the plan of the devil you are opposed to God and in a very dangerous place.


Transitions in fatherhood is a teaching by my wife that discusses the Godly father and how he teaches – first the law of God, then with grace, and finally in faith believing now that his children will function dependent on God for themselves.


The Bible teaches us that the law was our schoolmaster to lead us to Christ. The law kills and the law can’t give life. It is absolute – it teaches an eye for an eye or a tooth for a tooth. It is not forgiving. Godly fathers begin their teaching in this way in laying down the foundational elements of the Word of God. Following the law comes grace – through Christ Jesus. Grace is God’s ability to do for us what we cannot do for ourselves. Grace is life in the Spirit of God – grace is God’s ability working supernaturally in you. Fathers teach in grace after laying the foundation of law. They are forgiving and encouraging allowing more freedom. As children get older, the Godly father walks in faith to believe that the children will be led of God in all of their ways. The father has to trust that he has poured into the children the fullness of God’s Word and now the children have to walk out the will of God on their own.


A Godly father will seek to please God and do things the way God instructs. Do child rearing the way God intends – in the setting of the marriage covenant as described by the Word of God.


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The shooting of black males and police

The nation has been traumatized by the recent shooting of black males and the killing of police officers. I am sure the question has come about, where is God in all of this? How could a loving God stand by and watch black males get slaughtered and police, those who have given their lives to protect and serve, die at the hands of a sniper?

Shooting people is evil and the reason evil exists in the earth is because Adam disobeyed God. See Genesis chapters 1 – 3. Adam’s disobedience to God brought about sin, sickness, hatred, murder and every evil work.  God has no authority in the earth unless the body of Christ gives Him authority to act. That’s why we are called the body of Christ! The devil is the god of this world and is running this world system and is the reason why there is hatred and killing. Folks who think guns are the answer to guns don’t read their Bible, or they are caught up in the old testament and deny the finished works of Jesus. It’s funny that many of those same folks profess to be Christians. First Peter 3:9 teaches us to repay evil with good . . . not with more evil. Matthew 5:44 teaches us to love and pray for our enemies. How do we do this when we are under attack? That is a question that goes directly to God and He will have to speak to your recreated human spirit in order for you to know in your specific situation. I guarantee you that He won’t tell you anything that is contrary to His Word, and because situations are different, I don’t believe He would use a one shoe fits all approach. He will use the right approach for that particular situation, and even if you die in Christ, you gain. Paul says in Philippians 1:21 to him, to live is Christ and to die is gain. When we finished the work that God called us to do we are supposed to go home to be with the Lord, just like Paul and just like Jesus.

Second Corinthians 4:4 teaches us that the devil is the god of this world. The devil is a deceiver and an accuser.  In John 10:10 we learn that his intent is to kill, steal and to destroy. He was successful last week in killing two black men at the hands of cops and then to turn around and kill cops at the hands of a man led by anger and frustration. What an evil and devious thing to do – to inspire cops, men and women who protect and serve, to allegedly fear black men such that they feel they need to shoot and ask questions later; to create such hatred in a man that he would gun down the very people who are there to protect and serve him. If the enemy can get the community to hate those who are positioned to serve and protect the community, we as a nation will destroy ourselves.

Fear is not of God. Fear is a spirit and if allowed to manifest will lead in the place of the Spirit of God. First John 4:18 teaches us that perfect love casts out fear.  God is love and love is only perfected in people in God. If you love the way God says to love – in an unconditional way – you won’t hate people enough to kill them. You won’t let fear lead you to action.

Dealing with fear is not as easy as it may seem. It would be easy to say just speak the Word only, but the truth is you have to renew your mind to God’s Word daily (Romans 12:1-2) and speak what has been renewed. Being able to renew your mind to the Word of God implies a relationship with God that has matured beyond the place of just church on Sundays and an occasional Bible study.

The truth of the matter is white people have been lynching black people for years. There has never been widespread harmony. There probably at best has been tolerance.  There are good folks and not so good folks and those folks come in all races and ethnicities. Lynching now-a-days usually isn’t swinging from a tree, it’s usually behind the door, undercover racism – that if you are not keen enough to detect, you will overlook.

There are people now who think that there is no such thing as racism and no such thing as privilege. Both exist and are very active. Racism is a system designed to separate based on phenotype – or physical characteristics. In other words, because your skin is black, you automatically could not be considered to be a CEO, leader or administrator. The assumption is the fair-skinned, thin nosed, blue-eyed, blond-haired person should be in charge-should be the power holder, should be the decision maker. Historically white people have held these positions and some have worked hard to keep other races/ethnicities out of these positions, while some have not. The challenge is not all white people have recognized the term that goes along with this position – which is defined as privilege. The social media picture of a white God yelling at the world to stop it is a clear definition of privilege. I’m sure you have seen it on Facebook. When I saw it my response was wow, the “All lives matter movement” made God white. Let me give you an example from the Bible to show you that privilege is real.

Read the story of David and Bathsheba that unfolds in 2 Samuel 11. This story speaks of privilege – which can be rooted in racism, classism or sexism. David saw another man’s wife taking a bath, thought she was sexy and had her husband killed so he could have her to himself. That’s what privilege does, whatever it wants. It says that I can do what I want when I want, and you better not try to do it too because you aren’t in that category. David did exactly this, he saw a pretty woman who was someone else’s wife and took her for himself.

This post has been especially close to me, as a black man I have been asked by those I work with – “why would you want to be promoted?” That comes from the voice of privilege. Why wouldn’t I want to be promoted? I am asked that question because blacks are usually in the lower ranks of my profession and are seldom in higher ranks or leadership. Privilege feels threatened when a black rises to a position of power in such organizations . . . or certain kinds or blacks, but that can be reserved for another post.

How then do we deal with racism and privilege? The first thing to do is open the dialogue and be willing to talk about these issues. What prevents us from talking about these issues is the belief that they do not exist. What gets people to hell is unbelief. What prevented Jesus from doing miracles in His home town was unbelief. I think people don’t think privilege exists because they feel they are going to lose something . . . so if I say black lives matter then whites are going to lose something, and I think what they feel they are going to lose is privilege that they may not be aware that they have. Therefore black lives matter has to be changed to all lives matter . . . but yet we make God a white man indicating how we really feel about what race is in charge . . . or the default.

I have been watching the posts on social media and it is so clear the people who have privilege and are completely unaware; people who don’t leave their coats in the car in winter because they don’t want folks following them in the store and thinking they stole something – – people who don’t tell their kids to leave their toys in the car so people in the store don’t think they stole them – – people who don’t think twice about meeting with a white female in the office after-hours–people who don’t know what it’s like to be discriminated against when it comes to getting a home loan or a car loan or applying for a job. Because they haven’t experienced it, then it must not exist. Privilege usually doesn’t recognize injustice because it hasn’t experienced it.

The challenge here is that sometimes blacks, and whites who understand privilege, try to force other whites to understand. That is impossible and can only be through a heart yielded to God. In anger blacks and some whites respond outside of the leading of the Holy Spirit. Jesus came that we might have life and have it more abundantly. We know that from John 10:10 – so it can’t be God’s will for you to shoot cops and want to kill as many as you can because some fear and evil inspired cops killed two black men. In the old testament it was an eye for an eye. We are under grace now and the Spirit of God can give you another answer . . . the right answer. The Bible teaches us that we are supposed to love our enemies. We learn an important lesson here. We will have enemies. We will have those with which we disagree – but we have to love them, respect them and support them. Because of years of injustice for blacks – injustices that continue to this day, we have had a difficult time with trust, and truthfully in some situations there shouldn’t be trust – in all situations there should be actions based on the leading of the Holy Spirit. If this sounds like hogwash to you and you are not a Christian, it is supposed to and you have to get saved before you will be in any position to understand this . . . if you are a Christian and this sounds like hogwash to you, then you need to grow in the Word of God. Get into a Bible based, Bible teaching church and begin to learn the truths of God’s Word so you can apply them to your life.

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Meeting advice

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Closer than you think

Sometimes folks think that God is far off. He is not. He is closer than you think. You just have to reach out to Him in faith.  Faith accesses the ability of God for your life. If you go through the channel of faith, you can bring what is done in the Spirit into the natural. In other words, you can manifest what God has already prepared for you. You can’t think that God is far away from you. If you are saved, He lives on the inside of you. That means you carry Him with you wherever you go. We also know that faith pleases Him. He wants you to acknowledge Him and His power in you and walk according to the will and purpose that He has placed in you.

Have you submitted totally to God? If you go day-to-day and you don’t commune with God, pray, praise and worship God or spend time with other believers, you are not walking in God’s plan for your life. You can’t walk in His plan for your life if you don’t know Him and you never talk to Him. He has wisdom for your life and ability to manifest through His purpose in you. He has an abundant life for you – He knows your desires and can make all of them possible if you trust Him and make Him the Lord of your life.

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Faith vs sight

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to stop all sensory input other than input that glorifies God or promotes growth of the Kingdom of God.  Walking by faith and not by sight is not just limited to seeing – whether spiritually (faith) or naturally (sight). I would say that sight involves all of your senses – the senses through which you contact the world around you. That would include hearing, seeing, feeling, tasting and smelling. You knew smelling had to be included when you smell those freshly baked snickerdoodle cookies come out of the over and you plan to eat the entire pan full! That would not be good for your weight or your blood sugar and it would not be something that God wants you to do!

Is it really a battle to walk by faith? I would say that it is. I think mostly because we give sight too much credit. We hold sight in high regard instead of looking at it as a defeated foe. In the book of Samuel David looked at Goliath as a defeated foe; defeated in God. David didn’t let Goliath’s 9 ft tall stature impact what he (David) knew he could do in God. David defeating Goliath was God working in David because David relied on God completely. That is where we have to be. We have to trust God completely – more than what we see, hear, taste, feel or smell! It is God who gives us the ability to walk by faith.

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