Spiritual not natural

I have been teaching on the 9 gifts of the Spirit. I haven’t begun to talk about the gifts, and have been spending the first few weeks providing some introduction to them.  I mentioned in the last post that there are Power gifts, Vocal gifts and Revelation gifts. There are 3 grouping of 3 each. These gifts are given by the Holy Spirit as He wills.

The natural man cannot receive the things of God. You learn this in I Corinthians 2:14. God is a Spirit and He communicates to us His children, by our recreated human spirit, or the inward witness. He also communicated with us through the Bible, His Word. The Bible is Spirit and the Bible is life. If we want to hear from God, all we have to do is spend time reading the Bible. Ask the Holy Spirit to unlock the Word to your understanding and He will and you will begin to learn from Him the things God would have you learn that pertain to your life and your particular situation.

What are examples of natural things? How can you know what’s natural vs what is spiritual? Natural things involve the senses. If it comes to you through your eyes, ears, nose, taste, feel then it is coming from natural means. Coming that way is coming from the outside. That is how the enemy comes. He will appeal to your senses and to your flesh. God will speak to your recreated human spirit because He is a spirit. Have you ever said “Something told me not to do that”? And then you did and something bad happened? Sometimes that is the voice of God speaking to your recreated human spirit. I don’t mean you hear a voice, you just know. The Bible says that we have an unction of the Holy One and we know that we are the children of God. Just like you can know that you are a child of God, you can know other things by the Holy Spirit as well.

Join me as we continue to talk about the gifts of the Spirit! stwteachingministry.com


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