Receiving the filling is activating the power

Father God is referred to as “Power” in Mark 14:62.  God is an all powerful, all knowing God. His power is what raised Jesus from the dead. In Acts 1:8 you learn that receiving the power of God is through the filling of the Holy Spirit. This experience is different from being born again as is discussed in Romans 10:9-10. Being born again is necessary because of being born spiritually dead because Adam disobeyed God. His act of disobedience disconnected us from God and required the second Adam (Jesus) to come and put us back in right standing with God. He essentially made it possible for us to be hooked back up to the vine (John 15) so that we can bear much fruit.

Acts 19:2 teaches us that being filled with the Holy Spirit is necessary for us to be able to witness . . . that means to share the gospel, the good news of Christ to others.  I saw that this is the power of God manifested. Being filled with the spirit is necessary for the work of the ministry if you really want the work of the ministry to be effective. The filling brings forth the manifestation of spiritual gifts as you see the word of wisdom and the word of knowledge being manifested after Paul is filled with the spirit when he was dealing with the sorcerer in Acts 13. Evidence of the filling can be prophecy, speaking in tongues and teaching and preaching the Word of God. There are several instances in the Bible that show action as a result of the manifestation of the Holy Spirit which came forth the filling. You will see in Acts as well that Saul received the infilling of the Holy Spirit when Ananias laid his hands on him. You too can be filled with the Spirit of God and mobilize the power that is within you. All you have to do is ask of God and He will create a path to you and send someone to share. You don’t have to tarry to be filled. It is available for you now! There is one initial filling and then subsequent fillings. Check out Acts 2. Grow in God with Sow the Word Teaching Ministry. God bless.


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