Fruit bearing

Fruit bearing is linked to the power of God. I mentioned in the last post in John 15, which has been our text for this series of lessons, that you as a branch have to remain connected to the vine in order to bear fruit. The bearing of much fruit is because Father God purges the parts of you that need to be removed so that you can bear even more fruit. That fruit is evidence of God’s power working in your life. I call that fruit the products of God work in you. There should be evidence that you are living your life in Christ and that what you do is impacting the Kingdom. You are a Kingdom citizen and your role here on earth is to advance the Kingdom of God.

In Mark 14:62 when Jesus is taken before the high priests and they are looking for ways to accuse him of blasphemy, they ask Him if He is the Christ. He answers that He is and goes on to tell them that all of them will see Him sitting at the right hand of Power. Here in this scripture Father God is referred to as Power. Not only does He have the power, He is Power. God is limitless, never changing and eternal. Because he is eternal, His Word and His power are eternal as well. God has empowered you through His Holy Spirit! If you don’t sense the evidence of His empowerment in your life begin to seek Him in prayer for revelation as to how you can be a bigger blessing to the Kingdom. Join me on Wednesdays at noon EST on heaven1410 iheart where I am continuing to share on the empowerment of God. God bless you!


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