An introduction to Kingdom Mentorship

A mentor can be defined as an experienced or a trusted advisor. There are several models for mentorship from peer mentoring, group mentoring, mosaic mentoring (a different mentor for a different need) to cheerleading. Not only are there models of mentorship, there are different levels as well such as teaching or sponsoring.

Our guidebook for life is the Word of God and in His Word God has given us examples of mentees and mentors to help us understand our roles as mentees and mentors. Mentoring according to the Word of God is called Kingdom Mentorship. Mentorship according to Kingdom standards is Christ centered with the goal of growth in God and the things of God. When God is first in your life, everything else will fall into place; things like your home life, your job and other things that pertain to your life.

The mentor is the person who does the advising and the mentee is the person who receives the advice. In our lives we should be on both sides of the equation, really at all times. There should be someone you are helping grow in the things of God and you should be receiving the Word, encouragement and support from a trusted and experienced mentor.

In the next few posts I will be sharing thoughts on mentorship according to stories from the Bible to provide more information about the process and help you grow into your mentee and mentor roles.


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