Finding JOY in difficult times

Doesn’t it seem like life is always throwing lemons your way? Then you hear someone say to make lemonades out of the lemons and sometimes that just does not seem like an easy thing to do. Making lemonade out of the lemons can sometimes mean not going through the struggle. There is nothing wrong with making lemonade out of lemons, but going through the struggle gives you a testimony and may be necessary because we  live on earth. That means that we live in a place where the devil is the God of this world and just as Jesus had to suffer for the cause of God, we may have to suffer for the cause of Christ.

I am not talking about sickness, because Salvation delivered us from sickness. The Bible says that Jesus bore our sicknesses in His own body on a tree. Jesus does not want you sick. I am talking about suffering for the sake of the Gospel. I am teaching a series of lessons on finding joy. What the Lord has impressed upon me is that He was able to go through the suffering of the cross because of the Joy that was set before Him. Hebrews 12:2

We can go through difficult times because of the joy set before us. We know that through the resurrection of Jesus Christ we have a hope and an eternal redemption. Sure go ahead and make lemonades out of those lemons but understand that even if that doesn’t work, you have the joy of the Lord which you received through faith in Jesus Christ. It may not look good, in fact it may look really bad, but in the end you belong to God and He will see you through. Psalm 23 teaches us that we will go “through” the shadow of death. We don’t plan on staying there.


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