Training for the fight of your life

You are in a fight for your life. Did you know that? Your opponent is the enemy. His plan for you is to kill you, steal from you and utterly destroy you. (John 10:10) When the devil comes at you, he is not playing with you. He wants to sift you like wheat just as he wanted to sift Peter. (Luke 22:31-32) Apart from a relationship with God, the devil will whip you. You are no match for him. That’s why it is important that you not neglect the training. Preparing for the fight involves training and you training is in the Word of God.

Your fight with the devil is not a natural fight. You are not really wrestling or pulling on another human. This is a spiritual battle and if you are saved, you are fighting from the position of victory. You are fighting to maintain what Jesus got back for you . . . what the devil stole from Adam, being relationship/fellowship with God . . . in addition to your physical stuff. The fight is a faith fight. You have to resist the devil with all that you have. You have to stay in the fight and maintain your position of victory.

Join me as I teach a series of lessons on “Training for the fight of your life” Wednesdays at 12 noon EST on First lesson this coming Wednesday!


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