The lazy lack sound judgement

We are to be righteous judges of teachings and actions. Our standard with which to judge is the Word of God. We are supposed to be able to weigh comments and actions of others against the Word of God to see if they align or if they don’t. I am not talking about judging people. Judging is based on the standard that is God’s Word, no biases or stereotypes that we may have.

Laziness impacts the ability of someone to judge. Laziness can cause someone to talk themselves out of the blessing of God. (Prov. 26:13-16) Lazy feeds on lazy as lazy folks are usually surrounded by other lazy folks. God’s Word teaches that laziness is evil and that judgment is flawed. (2 John 1:10-11, 2 Timothy 4:3-4) Because laziness impairs judgement, it opens up to poverty, and Proverbs 24 teaches that poverty can overtake folks suddenly and violently. Don’t let laziness cloud your judgement and make you hard-hearted where you have become dull to hearing from God. Don’t allow laziness to cause you to accept wrong teaching – we are to be rightly dividing the Word of truth and we are to be doers of the Word. Laziness inhibits both of these.

Overcoming laziness is as simple as overcoming the unwillingness that comes with laziness. Once you are willing and obedient, then you can eat the good of the land and enjoy the prosperity that Jesus came for you to enjoy.


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