The lazy go unprotected

In Proverbs 24:30-34 you will see that the lazy man has a field and that the walls around the field are broken down and that it is full of weeds and overgrown. Laziness can cause you to go unprotected. Because the lazy man is unwilling to work, his field goes uncared for. The wall being broken down suggests that pests, robbers, wind and other things determined to cause destruction can enter. Laziness is against God and through unwillingness to obey God all that you have can be destroyed.

God is our protector. There are several instances in the Bible where we see God serving as protector, but two that really stand out to me are Psalms 91 and Job 1. Let’s look at Job first. In the first chapter of Job, the Bible talks about the hedge that God put around him, his family and his possessions. Job was a God-fearing man and walked righteously before God. In his case, fear is what tore down the hedge and gave the enemy access to come in and destroy, but the message I want to get across here is that Job was protected by God.

Psalm 91 talks about the protection of God. How he will hide you in the secret place and cover you with His feathers.God protects us by the leading of the Holy Spirit. He may tell you to take a different route to work to avoid a car crash or have you leave work early to avoid a confrontation. Laziness pulls you from behind God’s wall of protection and opens you up to the snares of the enemy. You don’t want your field overgrown with weeds and its walls broken down and pests and robbers entering in. That’s why you can’t be lazy! What has God called you to do? Have you answered His call or is your field dormant and unproductive?

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