Production is expected

God expects us to lead productive lives. There should evidence of productivity in your workplace, at home, at church and in the community. Laziness robs you of productivity. I mentioned in the last post that laziness is an unwillingness and really has nothing to do with your ability. It has to do with your desire. You may just not desire to do something. The danger is when the Lord instructs you to do something and you are unwilling to do it.

In the text for the lessons on laziness, Proverbs 24:30-34 you learn that the lazy man has a field and a vineyard. The fact that he has those things means that God is expecting a crop from him and if he works God’s ability in himself, he will go on to produce from the field and the vineyard. Well, how much are you supposed to produce? You produce according to your ability. In Matthew in the story of the talents you learn that if God gives 5 dollars, he expects you to multiply that 5 dollars by at least another 5 dollars. But God gives dollars based on your ability and ability between people can vary. The message here is that God expects your production to match your ability.

I heard of a pro football player who played football only long enough to make enough money to start a potato farm. He now is producing potatoes and from what I heard has been blessing disadvantaged people with potatoes. What are you producing our what God has enabled you to do? Are you producing in proportion to your ability?  Don’t be lazy and unwilling. God will show you how if you seek His wisdom and direction as to how to use the talents and gifting that He has given you. Grow in God with Sow the Word where we are sowing the Word into the heart of man.


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