I have been teaching on How to get to God. I have discussed several areas that can hinder or prevent you from getting to God. Points that I made in previous blogs and on the radio ministry include: 1. Unbelief, 2. Refusing Spiritual growth, and 3. An unwillingness to repent. If you haven’t heard those lessons and would like to, please contact the ministry at stwteachingministry.com and I can make them available to you.

In this post I want to begin a discussion about unforgiveness. Unforgiveness will prevent access to God. Because God gives us choices, we have the ability to align our will with the will of God and we can choose to forgive. We have to choose to forgive others in order to be forgiven by God. We learn through Mark 11:25 that access to the forgiveness of God requires that we forgive.

How do we forgive folks who mistreat us? You have to consider where the mistreatment comes from. Anything that is good comes from God. (Psalms 86:4-5) That means any evil acts or meanness, or things that are not good that are done toward you by someone else, come from the enemy. Knowing this helps us know where to direct our anger. Our anger should be directed at the devil and we should attack him with the Word of God.We should not attack or direct our anger at people . . . who are essentially being used by the devil to create disorder and confusion. People who are being used to get us out of the peace of God. We know this when actions are not inline with the Word of God. In other words, if people do things that are not consistent with God or what God says, they are acting of themselves and not being led by the Spirit of God.

Hebrews 12:14 teaches us that we should follow peace and that following peace is forgiving. When you are mad with someone you should never forget who you are in Christ. You should never tell anyone that you are going to put down your religion. Christ has given you the ability to forgive. You can walk in forgiveness, and walking in forgiveness is walking in the peace of God. When you are angry and you don’t want to forgive you should pray to God and get His wisdom as to how to handle the situation. He will show you how to forgive, pray for the person and walk in peace, even if the person does not want to be peaceful with you.

God wants you to forgive because He wants to forgive you. In fact, He has made forgiveness available for you through the finished works of Jesus. All you have to do is receive Jesus, and ask God to forgive you of your sins and God will cleanse you from all things that are not like Him. (I John 1:9). I hope this post has blessed you and helps you forgive others. Contact the ministry at stwteachingministry.com as we would really enjoy hearing from you. Praying for you a Happy and Prosperous 2017 in which you continue to grow in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.


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