Unbelief will keep you from God

How do you get to God? I established the point that we need to have access to God whether a person is saved or not. Hebrews 4:14-16 teach us about mercy and grace and how in the time of need, they can be accessed by accessing God. This was written to Christians which underscores the fact that we will have times of need where we need a move of God on our behalf. We need to be able to access the fullness of God – His ability, His grace and mercy and His power that is working in us.

Unbelief is stubbornness, hard heartedness, arrogance, stiffened neckish, rebellion – unbelief means that you must have heard about Christ, and after hearing and understanding the finished work of Jesus – you make the conscious decision to reject Jesus. You make the conscious decision to not believe. Acts 7:51 teaches that resisting the Holy Spirit is resisting the Power and Instruction of God. Unbelief prevents access to God – which leaves one alone to grope around in the dark with out direction or insight from the mind of Christ.

For more information about getting to God, list to our radio broadcast on Wednesdays at noon EST on http://www.heaven983.com


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