Purpose doesn’t change

God has always wanted to be with man. He has always wanted to fellowship with man. When Adam sinned and broke our fellowship with God, God purposed Jesus to be the second Adam to restore our relationship with Him. That was Jesus’ purpose and it didn’t change and He knew it was His purpose and He knew when He had done the job.

Luke 19:10 teaches us that Jesus came to seek and save that which was lost. We were lost  because of Adam. We learn from the Gospel according to John that Jesus knew He was on His way to the cross. John 12:24-27 and John 17:1-4.

Your purpose is the same. God may change the plan because of our actions . . . we may go the long way around, but His purpose for us will not change and we will be held accountable for it. Romans 11:29 teaches us that not only is the calling irrevocable, but the gifts are as well. We won’t be talking about the gifts in this post.

Are you fulfilling God’s purpose in your life?  Do the work of God. Finish the work of God. Jesus did the work God sent Him to do and He finished the work and now He is interceding with the Father on our behalf, which is His current ministry.



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