Renewing is proving

What does it mean to renew your mind to the Word of God as is taught by Romans 12:1-2.  Your mind is the part of you that exists between your spirit and your flesh. Your spirit has been born from above when you received Jesus as your savior, but your mind has to be renewed. That means that salvation is based on receiving the finished work of Jesus, but renewing your mind is based on YOU deciding that you are going to live your life by the Word of God and not the standards of the world.

Proving your purpose depends on you renewing your mind to God’s Word. We have to play close attention to what God is teaching here. We also learn from Romans 12:1-2 that God’s will for us (His plan and purpose for us) is three things – good, acceptable and perfect. So, we can conclude, any purpose apart from God is not good, not acceptable and imperfect. Proving your purpose depends on renewing your mind to God’s Word, and as we shared in our last post, you are the one who has to prove it.

How do you renew your mind to the Word of God? You examine every aspect of your life through the Word of God. For example, if you are tempted to scream at your neighbor for blowing leaves from his driveway onto yours, you remember that God teaches to treat one another with love and esteem others higher than yourself. God will show you the way you should approach your neighbor and it won’t be through screaming or yelling.

Another verse of scripture that teaches us that the proving of our purpose is up to us and how we prove it is through the Word of God, is Joshua 1:8. We learn here that when we meditate on God’s Word that we make our own way prosperous. So we see here that it is our responsibility to make our way prosperous and we do that by renewing our minds to the Word of God.

Grow in God with Sow the Word where we are sowing the Word into the heart of man.


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