Full armor is required to stand against the selfie trap

I have been searching the scriptures to answer the question, “Can selfies trap you?” I talked about how traps are of the devil and how they are set in secret and they use the element of surprise. Traps are used to capture and retain. The Bible says that Christ came to set us free.

In order to avoid being captured by the devil we have to use the wisdom of God. We learned in our last post that the devil uses time to trap us. The message here is that he is trying to get you to change posture. We are to stand in Christ. Standing is the posture that was given to us by the finished work of Jesus Christ; but you have to decide to stand. In other words, Jesus made it to where you can stand, but it’s up to you to actually stand. Standing is based on the full armor of God. (Ephesians 6:11)

In order to not get caught in the selfie trap you have to use the full armor of God to stand against the plots and schemes of the devil. The full armor of God contains elements for protection as well as the Spirit of God, the element with which we go on the offense.

The more obsessed you get with selfies, the more you are yielding to the enemy and the farther away you are getting from the Spirit of God. Yes, He is in you if you are saved, but your ability to hear Him gets less and less as you yield more and more to the works of the enemy.

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