Traps will slow walk you down

The devils traps aren’t always instantaneous. He will wear you down over time. His plan is always working and apart from the wisdom of God, you won’t know what he is doing. (2 Corinthians 2:11) That’s the danger with selfies. Folks think that they are harmless – not only that, they are cool and you don’t need anyone else to take a picture for you.

The first selfie may be harmless, but if you give place to the devil, over time the selfies may become an obsession and that harmless selfie will slow walk you down to the place of being completely self-absorbed. You find yourself posting pictures of yourself daily saying things like – “just feeling myself today”, or “check out my new makeup or my new look.” Every post is all about you and how you look.

Here is a practical example of being “slow walked down” that we all can relate to. Usually when we are young our metabolism is fast and we move around more and we can eat things that may not be so healthy but they seems to not affect us much because of our activity levels. But as we get older our metabolism slows as does our activity level  – but our eating habits usually grow worse. We still eat things that are not so healthy – fried foods, sugary food and drinks, etc., and we exercise even less because we are busy with our family responsibilities and work. The next think you know weight has crept on and it didn’t come overnight!  With excess weight comes diabetes, heart problems, high blood pressure and other health problems. God is telling you to eat healthy foods and exercise, but the devil has slow walked you down with years of inactivity and unhealthy eating choices.

I hope this example of how the devil can slow walk you down helps. There is no difference in selfies and what they can do for you. Grow in God with Sow the Word where we are sowing the Word into the heart of man. Visit us at


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