Can selfies trap you?

I am beginning a new series on selfies. I have been searching the scriptures and seeking the wisdom of God to answer the question, “Can selfies trap you?”. I would encourage you to listen to the radio broadcasts of this lesson on heart radio Heaven 98.3 on Wednesdays at noon EST.

I want to start by talking about traps. Traps are designed to catch and retain. They allow entry but they do not allow exit. The goal of the trap is to catch you and not let go. Traps are of the enemy. God is not trying to trap you. He is not trying to catch you doing something that you shouldn’t and He’s not trying to condemn you. He wants you to proper and be in health and He wants you to live the abundant life that Jesus came to give you. (John 10:10)

Two things about traps I want you think about.

  1. Traps are set in secret
  2. Traps use the element of surprise

Lets talk about traps being set in secret. Think about that. That means that the trapper doesn’t want the animal to know or see the trap being set. Why is that? It’s so that animal won’t know to avoid the trap and it amplifies point 2. It creates surprise; the animal is surprised that it got caught in the trap.

We learn from Psalm 31:4 that traps are from the enemy. God is not trying to trap you. He wants you to accomplish His will for you in the earth and He wants to exalt you to a place in Him; a place where you live a good, happy and abundant life on earth.

An example that may help with this is the police. Have you ever seen a police officer hide? I especially see this on the interstate when they may hide their cars in the median or behind a tree, or under the cover of darkness. The intent is to catch you speaking or otherwise breaking the law. I was in my office one day and I saw a motorcycle cop hide behind a big tree with his radar detector monitoring speed. The Lord spoke up in me and told me that this was unjust and that the motorcycle cop is guilty of speeding himself.

Hiding is unjust – no you shouldn’t be speeding or otherwise breaking the law and no they shouldn’t hide. Them hiding is no different from you speeding – it’s a surprise attack set in secret. No one representing God and God himself is not trying to trap or snare you.(2 Timothy 2:26 and 1 Timothy 3:7)

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