Tired of tired folks-deal with the conflict

Have you ever been sick and tired? If you have ever said that, please don’t say that ever again! Jesus died to redeem us from sickness so don’t ever claim what Jesus came to deliver you from. Now that doesn’t mean that the devil won’t try to attack your body with sickness – you just get wisdom from God as to how to deal with it and confess nothing but the Word of God. This will help you in dealing with conflict.


It’s ok to be tired – and when your body says it is tired, what it needs is rest, no caffeine or some drug to try to keep you awake and alert. In Matthew when Jesus was in the wilderness and fasted and prayed, we learn that he was tired and hungry. We see here that He chose to receive nourishment the way that God intended and not through the means of the devil.


What about when you get tired of people? We know from Galatians 5:22 that longsuffering is a fruit of the spirit. The key here for us is being led by the spirit of God. God will give instruction how to deal with folks who are trying your nerves. The question you should ask yourself is how does God want me to impact this person? How can my interaction benefit the Kingdom of God? How can I be salt and Light to this person? If you are struggling in dealing with them seek God’s wisdom as to how to extricate yourself. Remember that God always gives a way of escape. The final thought I want to leave concerning this post is speak the Word – complaining doesn’t help anything. The only real changer is the Word of God. Say what He says and you will succeed every time.


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