Overcoming evil with good

I have been teaching on being pre-occupied with evil and have made the point that the world system is run by the devil and that the standard thinking is evil. That means that we have to renew our minds to the Word of God as the Bible teaches us in the first few verses of Romans 12. We have to overcome evil with good. Romans 12:21 – helps us to understand that we can be overcome with evil. Overcome means that the evil amasses you and takes over – I think of it like pulling a blanket over your head and completely covering up with it. Think about it. I am sure that you have hidden from someone under the covers before when you were a child. Darkness can never hide light. Think about that. Evil cannot overcome God – and the goodness of God.


It is God who gives the ability to overcome evil, but understand that it has to be overcome. Evil has power and will whip up on you apart from the Word of God. Let’s make this practical. When folks talk about you and mean to do you harm, how do you overcome that with good? Can you? Can you overcome the evil of the rapist, crook, hater or cheater? You can’t apart from God. I don’t have answers for how to deal with those situations but I have faith enough and I trust God enough to believe that He will give the answer and the needed action. Do you trust God to provide for you? Or do you say that you do, but what you really do is trust in your own power to get things done? You really can overcome evil with good – with the wisdom and power of God.


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