Not seeing the Lord

Why is it that people don’t see the Lord? What do I mean by that? Folks see everything else. They see everything on Fox news and CNN. They see everything on social media. They see stuff written in the newspaper and what they do is repeat everything they see, even if they don’t know it to be fact. Well, I think that the assumption is that if it is on the news, in print or on social media, it is fact and is worth repeating. John 17:17 teaches us that God’s Word is truth – not the postings on social media that you are sharing with all of your friends.


The truth of the matter is, not seeing the Lord is being pre-occupied with evil. Being pre-occupied means that what should be occupying your thoughts is not. God should be the focus of our thoughts and the things that He leads us to think upon and do. We learn in Romans 12 that we are to renew our minds to the Word of God. What that means is that the word of the devil is the standard function or the default. That’s why your mind has to be renewed. The devil’s thinking is the default because Adam gave the earth lease over to the devil, making the devil the God of this world. The bottom line here is that you should not be obsessed with social media, the news media and other content outside of God’s Word and His leading.


You think God is silent? Do you feel like you don’t hear from Him and that hearing from Him is a bunch of bunk? The reason you don’t hear from God is because you are not listening to God. Listening to God begins with spending time in His Word and allowing His Word to speak to you. He speaks to the inward witness and will let you know when you are exposing yourself to evil and things that are not like Him.


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