Faith vs sight

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to stop all sensory input other than input that glorifies God or promotes growth of the Kingdom of God.  Walking by faith and not by sight is not just limited to seeing – whether spiritually (faith) or naturally (sight). I would say that sight involves all of your senses – the senses through which you contact the world around you. That would include hearing, seeing, feeling, tasting and smelling. You knew smelling had to be included when you smell those freshly baked snickerdoodle cookies come out of the over and you plan to eat the entire pan full! That would not be good for your weight or your blood sugar and it would not be something that God wants you to do!

Is it really a battle to walk by faith? I would say that it is. I think mostly because we give sight too much credit. We hold sight in high regard instead of looking at it as a defeated foe. In the book of Samuel David looked at Goliath as a defeated foe; defeated in God. David didn’t let Goliath’s 9 ft tall stature impact what he (David) knew he could do in God. David defeating Goliath was God working in David because David relied on God completely. That is where we have to be. We have to trust God completely – more than what we see, hear, taste, feel or smell! It is God who gives us the ability to walk by faith.

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