Sometimes faith is hard

I have been teaching on faith for the last several weeks and we have gotten to the place where we understand that without faith it is impossible to please God. There has to be a belief in what is unseen and the understanding that what is unseen is more real than what we actually see. Hebrews 11 has brought us much light in this area, but there is a difference in understanding the Word of God and walking in and doing the Word of God. Sometimes faith is hard!

What do I mean when I say hard? It can be challenging to keep your eyes on the evidence of things not seen and the substance of things hoped for when what you are actually looking at doesn’t seem to fit into the abundant life Jesus came for us to have. (John 10:10) Situations can seem hopeless, helpless and down right awful.

I have been dealing with some challenges the last several weeks that have made faith hard. What makes faith hard is when you allow the challenge to be bigger than your God. You know that you do this when your confession doesn’t line up with what God’s Word says, but looks more like what the news media or some unsaved folks say. I had gotten to a place where my environment seemed to not favor me . . . actually it seemed like it was against my progress, to the point that it was going one way and it seemed like I was going another. It took me taking a step back and talking to other believers for me to see how God was blessing me in Babylon. Babylon is another name for the world system, a world that has almost completely turned its back on God. God may call you to work, minister or serve amongst folks who have no relationship with him.

But that is why you are called. He wants you to be the Jesus that they see! Even if faith is hard sometimes, God will give you the strength to overcome if you trust Him, make it a habit to always say what He says and seek His wisdom for all situations.

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