He can GIVE you above what you can produce

Listen to the Sow the Word Teaching Ministry Radio Ministry on Wednesdays on iheart radio at http://www.heaven983.com We are teaching on faith and we want to hear from you! Grow in faith with Sow the Word where we are Sowing the Word into the heart of man.


We talked about Ephesians 3:20 where God can do exceeding abundantly above anything that we can come up with. The point that I wanted to make here, is that we need to be able to come up with something. I am defining that as our ability. Our ability is God’s potential in us that He plans to be released to benefit the Kingdom. In our last post we talked about Matthew 25:14-30. If you haven’t read this story I would encourage you to read it as it will help in your understanding of this lesson. I established the point that God gives to you according to your ability – which is good. That means His expectation for you is linked to the ability that He gave you. If He gave you 5 ability, He is expecting a 5 production. If He gave you a 2 ability He is expecting a 2 production. It was never His intention to give you a 1 ability and then you go bury it in the ground. He is expecting a 1 production from a 1 ability.

Well, how did the servant who had the most ability and received the most, more than double what he had? He doubled it because God gave above what the ability was able to produce. That is good news! That is how you reach the abundantness of God. If you are faithful to produce the fullness from your ability, He is willing and able to GIVE you above that you produced. Are you walking in the abundance of what God has to GIVE you? Remember that Him giving it to you is dependent on you maximizing your ability to maximize your production in Him! We want to hear from you! Grow in God with Sow the Word where we are sowing the Word into the heart of man.




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