Walking by faith manifests the peace of God

Faith is a fight. In I Timothy 6:12 we are taught to fight the GOOD fight of faith and to lay hold of eternal life. I take that to mean that not only are we to lay hold of eternal life, but we are to lay hold of everything that God has prepared for us that the devil stole when Adam sinned. But we see that the fight is good. The reason it is good is because our fight is fixed. We win every time in Jesus. I know that is hard for some of you to swallow. If you don’t believe it, it won’t be so for you. Winning in Christ is believing that through faith we access the grace of God and His supernatural ability gives us victory over our everyday circumstances.

Faith should manifest the peace of God. Peace is a fruit of the Spirit of God discussed in Galatians 5:22. When you are born again you have the fruit of the Spirit. It is in seed form and has to be recognized and cultivated so that it will go on to become mature fruit. That means that you have the ability to have peace. In fact, God told us that we should be makers of peace. We did a series called Makers of Peace that you should order if you don’t have it.

Peace that passes all understanding is something every believer can experience. We experience it because we know through faith that God is going to provide our every need . . . so there is no need to get upset with co-workers, employers, children and neighbors. Trust God and seek His wisdom as to how to deal with them, pray for them and watch God move in ways that you didn’t even know existed.


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