The witness of God is greater

You should hear from God in every area of your life. God has a voice that speaks, and He tells us that we should have ears to hear. Developing ears to hear implies that we live life in the spirit and not in the flesh . . . that we walk by faith and not by sight. (2 Corinthians 5:7) If you are not getting direction from God, you are getting direction from the enemy. There is no other place . . . if the direction is coming from you . . . and it’s not God leading you, then the direction is still coming from the enemy.

We know that we hear from God because of the inward witness, and the inward witness of God is far greater than the witness of man. The witness of God declares that Jesus Christ is His son and through this witness, believing on Jesus gives us eternal life. I John 5:9-13

If you continue on in those verses in I John 5 you learn that God hears you when you call Him, when you call according to His Word. Don’t ignore the voice of God. Stop listening to the witness of man. Man will let you down every time. Keep your hope and expectation away from man as man has his own selfish desires. But man be led by the Spirit of God, he is a loose cannon, seeking to fulfill the lusts of the flesh and destroying anything that may try to hinder him.


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