Our faith should be in God

A challenge that Christians face is misplaced faith. Just like the unsaved, we can get caught up in world events and things that are going on in the community and lose our focus on God. What comes to mind right now is the presidential election. The thing that you need to be doing concerning the presidential election is praying for the candidates and praying for our country. That is what God would have you do. Yield to His wisdom and He will tell you what your role should be in the election.

Don’t limit God and speak against His Word. God will take care of you no matter who is president . . . let that sink in. He didn’t say that your future was in the hands of the president. He promised to never leave you nor forsake you. The key here is that your faith has to be in God. See Mark 11:22. Your faith can’t be in the government, the school for raising your children or others. Stop expecting things from people. Your expectation should be in God and Him alone. He will be the one to have people line up to the Word of God on your behalf. Have faith in God and exercise the God kind of faith. When God said it, it was so. When you say it, it should be so as well.


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