Investing in your health

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Investing in your physical health is feeding your vision. We talked in our last post about eating and how your eating should be led by the Spirit of God. In other words, God will give you instruction as to what you should be eating, how much and where you should buy the food. God is a detailed God and He wants you to have the abundant life in every area of your life.

Your vision is not just dependent on food. It is also dependent on physical activity. You should exercise your body with cardio and strength training to maintain optimum health. In Luke 5:1-6 we see where Jesus told Peter to put his nets back in the water to catch fish. Peter had been out for quite a while and had not caught any fish. He was actually washing his nets. We know that his nets were dirty from the experience itself, not from them catching any fish because they hadn’t caught any. In other words, Peter had to get his net dirty again in order to catch fish.

The message in that is for those of us who don’t want to sweat or get stinky by exercising. Some of us don’t want to get our hair messy or sweating. The truth of the matter is, you won’t catch any fish unless you are willing to get the nets dirty . . . you won’t to get physically fit unless you sweat from exercising.

Seek God for wisdom about exercising. God will give you wisdom and tell you what gym to join, who should be your personal trainer and what exercises you should be considering.



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