You can’t get away from it, but you can reject it

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In Hosea 4:6 the Bible teaches us that people are destroyed because of a lack of knowledge. Not because they did not know that the knowledge existed, but because they rejected the knowledge. What an important concept! God is not sending people to hell. You go to hell by rejecting Jesus. You can’t reject something that you have not heard about, so that means that God is obligated to make sure everybody hears the gospel of Jesus Christ so that they can make the decision as to whether or not they are going to reject it. If they don’t hear the gospel, God can’t hold them accountable for what they can’t hear. That’s just like you holding your child accountable for cutting the grass but you didn’t tell him that you wanted it cut, show him where to get the lawnmower and make sure there was plenty of fuel.

You have to make the conscious effort to get away from the vision and Word of God. God is always trying to get His Word to you. If you pay attention to all that is going on around you, you will notice that God has His people (Christians) all over staged to share the gospel in some way with you. It may be at work around the water cooler, or your neighbor, or the mail carrier . . . God is working to get the gospel to the world – and He does that through us, His people.

So that means that the real question is what are you doing with the gospel when it comes to you? How do you receive it? Do you receive it?  The vision of God, the plan of God is waiting for you to work it – to receive and do through the vision all that God has for you and through you to get to others. You will not reach the fullness of your potential apart from God. You cannot reach the fullness of who you are supposed to be without the vision of God for your life.

Stop running. Stop rejecting. Stop pushing the gospel of Jesus Christ away. God wants to work a transformation in your life. He wants to restore all that is broken. He knows about your hurts and your problems . . . that kid that won’t do right, that boss at work, that house that is about to be foreclosed on, that pantry that is empty, that aging parent that you don’t know how to handle. Please don’t reject God and His vision and plan for your life. He has so much to offer and a peace that those around you can’t understand.


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