What God gives is eternal

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There has to be an understanding of who God is and the nature of God to be able to fully comprehend the gifting and calling that God has on your life. I think many folks are outside of God and don’t have a true revelation of who God is. God is not going to come at you from the outside. In other words He is not going to appeal to your physical body or your senses – touch, hearing, sight, smelling or seeing. Those things are drivers for the lust of the flesh which are never satisfied. Look at Proverbs 20:27 and I John 2:16. God is going to speak to your recreated human spirit – there will be knowing of what to do based on an inward leading of the Holy Spirit. I have found that when I study and pray consistently that I am more aware of the Holy Spirit’s leading.

I have been talking about God giving vision into YOUR calling – or the specific calling that He has on your life for the Kingdom. I want you to understand through this post that God is Eternal. That means that the gifting and calling is eternal as well. Even though there is an end to the works we will do on this side, when Christ comes back, who you are called to be in Christ is who you are called to be in Christ. God’s gifts are eternal. He will not take them back, and you will be held accountable for what you did with what He gave you. Knowing that there is accountability should impact how you treat your gift and your calling.You should stay in constant communication with God knowing the He has given you an eternal gifting that He will use for His glory if you yield to Him.


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