Your call is good

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So many don’t have the revelation that God is the giver of good thinks. Even back in Genesis in the Garden of Eden, God intended for Adam and Even to know God from their fellowship and communing with Him. It was evil that He never intended for them to know and that is why He instructed them to not eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. He intended to teach them the good and He never wanted them to know the evil. That was because He had already defeated the devil and his demons – God had effectively done away with evil. But, due to Adam’s disobedience, we have come to know evil and the world has not just come to know it, it has come to embrace it. That is why we have murderers, rape, beatings, stealing and mistreatment.

God’s call is good. His gifting is good. Everything associated with Him is light as we learn from the Scriptures that there is no darkness in Him at all. Once you accept the fact that you have a call on your life, you have to get the revelation that it is good. Knowing that the call is good will help you in your working out the call that He gave you. It also helps you to understand how loving God is toward His children.

Understanding that the call is good also helps you put in perspective that there will be an end to the call. What that means is Jesus is the author and finisher of our faith . . . at some point we won’t need faith and that is when we live with Jesus. God is the Alpha and Omega – that means He is the beginning and the end. There is an end to the work that God called you to do in Him and understanding that gives you a whole new appreciation of time – as you know that you have to be about the work that God called you to do as time is not going to wait on you to get your life in order and finish having your fun living up life. If you are not about the call that God has on your life, contact the ministry so we can share with you how to get on board with God!


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