Makers of Peace

Listen to the Sow the Word Teaching Ministry Radio Broadcast on Wednesdays at noon eastern on Heaven 98.3FM 1410AM ( We are teaching a series titled “Makers of Peace”.  Learn about the peace that passes all understanding and how that peace is found only in Christ. Email us at or contact us at Sow the Word Teaching Ministry, PO Box 5346, Tallahassee, FL 32314. We have several teachings in the Sow the Word Supply that are available to help you grow in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. For a list of teachings check out the Sow the Word Supply tab on the blog. God Bless you and thank you for joining us today!


I am airing a few teachings on peace for the remainder of the month of October. Peace originated in God and you can only access peace through receiving the finished work of Jesus Christ. Peace brings about a calmness. Peace is settling and nourishing to the body. We should seek after peace and be peaceable with all men. The opposite of peace is anxiety and “being troubled”. Anxiety, being troubled, worrying . . . those sorts of things are not good for your physical body. They cause blood pressure problems, stomach ulcers, depression, anxiety and many other problems.

Isaiah 26:3 teaches us that peace comes from a mind that is stayed on Jesus. That means that your mind cannot be distracted by what may be going on in your environment. You mind has to be stayed on the word of God and your thoughts on the promises He has made  you in His word. Keeping your mind on Christ is the beginning of peace when your world may be falling down around you. Let’s go back to the second part of that verse. It teaches that our peace is because we trust God. Trusting God means that no matter what happens we trust God. For the Hebrew boys that meant if you throw us in the fiery furnace and we die or if you don’t throw us in, we are not going to serve any other God but the God of Israel. You have to be sold out to God.

Carnal Christians walk by sight and not by faith. They may get upset with God when they lose a job, or have a car crash or something “not so good” happen to them.  They leave the fellowship when they get offended. The observe their feelings and opinions above the word of God and are led by sight, hearing, tasting, touching or smelling. Christians have to be spiritual in order to receive from God and when you walk in the spirit you know that even though things happen that may not be so good, that God is going to take care of you and deliver you from every evil… and if you die and go to be with Him, you were still delivered! Remember that Christians don’t really die – they transition to be with God! Anything that is made alive in Christ will never die!

Isaiah 26:11 teaches us that God establishes peace. That is wonderful! So if you have God then you have peace and you have to work to make that peace you have manifest in all of your life situations.



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