God wants everyone saved

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We learn from I Timothy 2:3-4 that God wants everyone saved. That means that He has the responsibility to make sure that EVERYONE gets the opportunity to hear the Gospel and receive it.

We have been teaching on “Considerations for becoming a Christian” and we have brought forward the points that in order to receive the things of God and have any understanding of Him and His Word, that you had to be part of the family of God. In this post I want to stress to you the importance of not rejecting Jesus. We learned from 2 Corinthians 4:3-5 that the devil blinds the minds of those who BELIEVE NOT. That means there is no neutral ground here. Either you believe the gospel or you do not and when you make the conscious decision to reject the gospel you open yourself to blinding from the enemy.

God does not force Himself on anyone and He does not force you to get saved. He is not interested in robots. He is interested in having folks whose hearts are turned to Him and who worship Him and commune with Him because they choose to do so. Rejecting Jesus is a conscious decision. It is the decision to reject the gospel when it is shared with you.

The bottom line here is that God will use His body (other believers) to share the gospel and  give everyone an opportunity to get saved and not be blinded by the enemy. If you aren’t sharing the gospel with those around you, you really should be. God has a plan for their lives just like He has a plan for yours. He has an abundant life and a purpose filled life for you on earth. Please contact us with questions or comments.


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