Joseph and Mary were righteous

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We have been teaching on Faith, God’s will and the family of Jesus and we have been sharing from Matthew 1:1-25. We talked about how God needed Joseph to be a righteous father to Jesus because there were things that Joseph could provide that God could not provide directly – but would provide through Joseph. A point that I want to make here is that Joseph and Mary were both righteous. Matthew 1 talks about Joseph being a just man. Luke 1 talks about Mary finding favor with God. That is why she was chosen to bring Jesus from His throne in heaven to the earth. If Mary would have been a club hopper, short skirt wearing, breast showing girl, God would not have chosen her to bring Christ into the world. There is a lesson there for us. Seeing that Jesus’ parents were just and upright people before God should stress how important it is for us to be just and upright. And notice that they were that way as single people! Mary and Joseph were found to be righteous BEFORE the angel came and spoke to either of them!

Can you imagine being in right standing with God without the benefit of Jesus’ death and resurrection? We have the benefit of having God’s Word to read and we are made righteous by accepting the finished work of Jesus. (2 Corinthians 5:21) Mary and Joseph did not have this. They were not under grace as we are.

To God be the glory for righteous parents who parent under the direction of the Holy Spirit. God will give wisdom and instruction as to how you should raise your children.



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