Husband “knowing” wife is the genesis of family

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God has defined family. We have been studying Matthew 1:1-25 and the last few posts have come from those verses of scripture. We want to bring forth in this lesson that sexual intercourse, what the Bible calls “knowing”, is the genesis of the family. We have shared how it is God’s intent for the husband to leave the parenting of the father and mother and cleave unto his wife and the two shall become one flesh. The one flesh is the knowing, or the husband and wife having sexual intercourse. Sex is what seals the marriage covenant as it is supposed to be with the shedding of blood the first time. When a virginal wife has sex with her husband the first time there is tearing of her hymen and a shedding of blood – and now a oneness of flesh and a sealing of the marriage covenant. It is in this setting that God called children to come forth. God’s way is always best. When people make the conscious decision to have children outside of the marriage covenant, they set themselves up for challenges that they would not otherwise face. Everything is better in God. He will give you wisdom as to when to have children as well as instruction on how to raise them.


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