Generations are important

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There are no wasted words in God. That means that there should be no wasted words in you. Isaiah 55:11 teaches us that God’s Word will not return to him void. What that means is that it (HIS WORD) will accomplish what He sent it forth to accomplish. That’s important for us to appreciate as we read the Word of God. For the month of August I will be teaching on “Faith, God’s will and the family of Jesus”. This series is coming forth as the Holy Spirit has given direction from Matthew 1:1-25. The first few verses in this chapter of Matthew give us the generations that led to the birth of Jesus. Attention is made in particular to David and Abraham. If you look at the lineage you may wonder why God intended for Jesus’ fore-parents to be named in that manner. The reason is that there is a lesson in those verses for us.

In this listing we see men of great faith, we see a prostitute, we see the man who asked God for wisdom – the same man who had several wives and concubines. In these verses we see that even though Jesus’ implantation in the virgin womb of Mary was by the Holy Spirit (Luke 1:26-38), very really people who were in Adam had a connection to him. The message in that to you is whomever you may have come from, whether a man of great faith or a prostitute, the Holy Spirit can create a newness in you that erases all of the hindrances and challenges of your past. God has a future for you that is good and is not based on where you came from. (Jeremiah 29:11) It’s based on who you are in Christ! Embrace who God called you to be and begin to live the abundant life!


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