You are a finished work in Christ

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I have established the fact that God has said something about you and that it is good. I shared scripture from Jeremiah 29:11 and you can also look in Jeremiah 1. You can read about Abraham in Romans 4:17-18. I want to make the point in this post that you are a finished work in Christ. In other Words, you are who God called you to be – RIGHT NOW! You may not be able see that now based on your current position in life, but God doesn’t look at your current position or things in the natural. God calls those things that are no so in the natural or current situation as though they are. In Genesis 1:1-4 He called forth light in darkness. He did not complain or even talk about His current situation – which was Him being in darkness.

You can’t call out and dwell on what is present or missing in your environment. That is a sure fire way to not finish your work in Christ. You being a finished work means that He has equipped you fully to do the work that He called you to do. Not only has he equipped you fully, He has made resources available to urge you on to the completion of that work in the natural. It all is in Christ.

Realize that God has finished His work in you. Glory in God and thank Him for choosing to use you as He has to work for the Kingdom.


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