Train up a child

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I am continuing in the teaching exposing children to God’s Word. This is the 3rd teaching that has come forward as a result of “Goodnight Sister”. In our last lesson I talked about how important it is to immerse your children in the things of God and train them in righteousness. Training in righteousness has to be with the Word of God.

Luke 5:16 teaches us that it was Jesus’ habit to get by Himself and pray to God. There is so much that we can learn from this verse of scripture. Jesus made it a habit to pray. You kids have to habitually be exposed to the Word of God. It can’t be an every now and then exposure. They need constant fellowship and communion with God and that can start by taking them with you to Sunday School and church, Bible study, children’s church and summer Bible school activities. God’s Word will not return to Him void and by exposing your children in these ways you make it such that faith can come . . . faith comes by hearing . . . and you are equipping your children to live the victorious life that God called us to through the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus.

Proverbs 22:6 teaches us that we are to train up a child in the way that He or she should go. The important concepts in this verse start with training, and what He means here is training in righteousness. That means that the Word of God is what does the training and that Word of God has to be rightly divided by YOU the parent. Training also goes beyond reading and hearing the Word. There has to be action. In other words, you have to DO the Word of God. Once you begin to DO the Word then you will begin to see the results of what the Word promises.

He goes on in this verse to say that we are to train in the way that he SHOULD go. Notice here that it does say anything about the way the child goes. You always train in righteousness no matter what you see the child doing in the natural. God has given you a promise that when the child is old he will not depart from the training that he received as a child. That part of the verse you have to stand on when you see you children going ways that are not good. Hold fast to your confession of faith and bring God in remembrance of His Word.


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