Exposing children to God’s Word

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I have been teaching on raising children according to the Word of God. Today’s lesson is a continuation of that teaching and will begin a series of lessons on the importance of exposing your children to God’s Word.  The Bible teaches in 2 Timothy 3:16-17 that the Bible is our corrector. The Word is profitable for correction and instruction in righteousness. There has to be instruction in righteousness, because if it is not in righteousness it is not in God. If it is not in God then it will not last. A point that I want to bring forward in this lesson is that when children are exposed to God’s Word, His Word will produce a change in them. Even if they are not going to Bible study regularly or attending Sunday School. God’s Word is a changer and just by being exposed to it, through song, or by any other means, they will begin to grow in God.

Christmas and Easter programs are easily turned into stressful displays for you and your children. Don’t let the lesson turn into a training for the display. What I mean by this is that children tend to learn in Sunday School so that they can stand in front of the church and recite what they heard in the classroom just moments before. Children have to be equipped with the Word of God to be able to defeat the enemy. They have to grow in righteousness and in the knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ so that they will be able to stand against the plans of the devil.

There has to be rehearsal before ministering. You have to show yourself approved unto God and you do that by studying. There has to be a preparatory time in which you grow in God. If children are not used to rehearsing for anything why stress them out to perform for onlookers? They have to learn how to stand before a group, use a microphone, speak where they can be heard and work with other children. They can’t do that unless they are habitually a part of rehearsing. It was Jesus’ habit to go off alone to pray to God. We see this in Luke 5:16. It has to be your habit as well and that habit has to be displayed before your children.


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