Receiving when God says so

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We in the body of Christ get the lesson on giving. You hear all of the time folks who talk about how it is more blessed to give than it is to receive. While that is true we need to examine that verse closely.  In Acts 20:35 God is talking about us helping those who are weak – or those who don’t have. He talks about how it is more blessed to give. But understand in that verse that those who are weak had to receive the blessing. There comes a place and time that we are to receive. He didn’t say in that verse that you will be cursed if you receive. Let’s look at another scripture. Luke 6:38 teaches us that men are going to give to us. Now if men are going to give to us – in abundance, we have to be at a place where we can receive what man is giving to us. Part of the problem with todays church is they don’t teach on giving and receiving as the Bible instructs. So many church leaders try to put out a fleece to get money from the congregation for their own personal gain that the true purpose of giving and receiving is missed.

The bottom line here concerning receiving is that you need to receive when God says. He is sovereign. You don’t know who or what He may send your way with your provision. If you are prideful and refuse everything, you may be refusing your blessing, the help that you have been praying for and the provision that God has supplied for you.


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