What God says matters more than how it looks

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We can really be quick to look at the appearance of something and pass judgement. We should not be led by what we see. First Samuel 16 teaches us this lesson as we see Jesse and his boys and who God decided would be king. Jesse consecrated all of his sons that came per Samuel’s request. They were sons that outwardly were thought to have the characteristics and traits that God would want in someone who would be king. Jesse didnt bring all of his sons as Samuel had instructed him. Jesse brought the boys that looked to him to be worthy of kingship. David, the younger boy who was just a sheep herder did not get invited because Jesse thought that he was too young and small to be king.

God passed over all of those sons and had David, the sheep herder brought in. God chose David as king! We learn that God looks at the heart and not on the outward appearance. The lesson for us in this story is that we can’t pass judgement on whether or not God will use  something. We have to consecrate everything we have to the glory of God because God can use anything and anybody to set us up for purpose in Him and greatness in the Kingdom. Learn to be led by the Spirit of God and He will give you wisdom to choose as He instructs. Follow God and you will choose correctly EVERY time! What God says is always more important than how something looks.


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