Set up for greatness

Listen to the Sow the Word Teaching Ministry Radio Broadcast on Wednesdays on Heaven 98.3 or Heaven 1410AM. You can listen with the iheart internet app. We have been teaching on you being set up for greatness. Grow in God with Sow the Word where we are Sowing the Word into the heart of man.


We have started teaching on you being set up for greatness. We just finished the overcoming temptation series and we learned how God has given us a way of escape from every temptation. Just as God has given us what we need to overcome temptation, He has also “set us up” (given us the tools and resources needed to complete the work He has called us to do).

Adam had all that he needed to do what God called him to do. Adam’s source was to be God. We learn in the early chapters of Genesis that God planted a garden and in that garden He put Adam. He told Adam what he could eat for food and He served as Adam’s clothes and the source of Adam’s wisdom. Adam received wisdom from God, wisdom to name the animals.

The set up that God gave to Adam was not enough to prevent Adam from being disobedient to God and through Adam’s disobedience he forfeited the set up that God had for him. His forfeiture led to problems for all mankind as it is because of Adam’s disobedience that weeds grow, women have pain in childbirth and sickness and death have place on the earth.

You are accountable to God for the “set up” – you are accountable to God for the ministry that He put in you. When He sets you up for ministry in Him, you have to do what He says when He says to get the results that He says you are going to get.

Moses, Abraham, Paul and even Jesus – were set up for great things in God. God gave them what they needed for the call that He had on their lives. You are no different! God has graced you for greatness in Him!


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