Over time

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I talked about how the enemy will use things that are close to you lure you into temptation. Today’s lesson really is an extension of that lesson. Not only will the devil use close things, he will use close things over time to create evil desires. Those evil desires produce sin and that sin produces death. Death is a result of the devil and is part of the curse and an enemy of God.

John 8:44 teaches us that the devil was a murderer from the beginning. It is important for us to know this as it lets us know that the devil has been using time since creation to bring about destruction. His lure is usually over a period of time. The lure may start as a subtle temptation, that is small and seemingly insignificant. Once he lures you with that, the drawing in will escalate and the temptation will grow. Before you know it, you have been caught; trapped by the temptation and it has destroyed your life and is on its way to killing you.

Let me give you a practical example here to make this point.  Let’s say a married man starts smiling at his secretary at work. She is pretty to look upon. The lust of the flesh is what got him smiling. She smiles back at him. That’s the lure. They smile at each other for a few weeks and then he begins to compliment her on her attire . . . then he asks her if she want’s to grab lunch – at which he complains about his wife – – then he and his secretary start to pull some long work hours together and the next thing you know that lust has manifested itself, he has had sex with his secretary, ruined his life, her life and his wife’s life. That whole story may take a couple of years to transpire, but it all began with an attraction and a smile and the full manifestation of the sin did not occur with what he may have thought was an innocent smile. Understand that the man may not have wanted the relationship to go that way but the lure was so strong that it had him blind to reality.

Second Corinthians 2:10-11 teaches us that we are not ignorant of the devices of the devil. We know when he has set a snare for us with the plan of us being lured away by our own lust. That’s why we come at the devil with the Word of God for we know that he is unable to stand against the Word. Learn from God as to how to recognize temptation. Don’t allow the devil to slow walk you down over time.


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