Preparation or Testing

I have been teaching on Passing the Test on the Sow the Word Teaching Ministry Radio Broadcast. Check out part 2 of this series on Wednesday at noon on Heaven 1410 AM.


There are two seasons in education. There is the time of preparation and the time of testing. If you are not actually taking the test then you should be preparing for it. 2 Timothy 2:15 teaches us that we have to study to show ourselves approved. Many times really smart studies may breeze through grade school with “night before the exam” studying, or cramming, and do well, but the problem is that their work ethic is wrong. They haven’t put the time in studying and when the challenges of college or professional school come, they are unable to handle it and they do not do well academically.

Studying shows that you respect the work that God called you to do. If God called you to be a teacher, then why would you try to side step the preparation process. God will grace you during the process to guarantee your success at who He called you to be. Enjoy the time of preparation and seek God’s wisdom as to how to prepare, specifically, for the test.


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