The Word as a builder

I have been teaching on God’s Word as a Builder on the Sow the Word Teaching Ministry Radio Broadcast on Wednesdays at noon on Heaven 1410 am. This coming Wednesday we will complete part 2 of this lesson and we invite you to listen to the broadcast!

In this blog post I want to share 3 points about the Word of God as a builder.

  1. The Word is the tool. Jeremiah 1:9-12 God put His word in Jeremiah to build and to plant. God’s word is swift. There is not one wasted word in God. Every word is a builder-every Word is creative. The desire for man to build came from God and the tool to build is the Word of God. God hastens to perform His Word.


  1. The Word is quick – Psalm 147:15– You can’t waste time in building. It is important to get about the Father’s business and get to building for the kingdom where God has called you to build. So many times we think that we have an unending supply of time and that we can come to God when we get older. God teaches us to redeem the time. His Word is quick and we should be also once we get the direction and plan of God for our lives.


  1. The Word is unlimited Matthew 8:5-9. We see from this story that the Word of God is not limited by location. The centurion just needed Jesus to speak the Word and he knew that healing would take place. When Jesus went to be with Father God, God sent the Holy Spirit and those that are saved have that same Holy Spirit dwell in them. The Holy Spirit is the unlimited power of the believer that cannot be hindered by location, the mind of man, national, state or local government. The Word is settled in heaven. Jesus (the Word) has already come. He’s not coming back as the WORD, he’s coming back as the judge. You are unlimited in your ability IN CHRIST. Don’t limit God in His ability to move in your life and use you for the kingdom.



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