God’s Word is a Builder

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We learn in Genesis that God gave man seed and dominion. Seed is for future generations. The intention of a seed is for the reproduction of the species. God’s intent was for man to multiply and replenish the earth according to the leading of God.

God has always been in the building business. Matthew 16:13-18 show us that God is in the building business as God tells us that upon the rock (Jesus), He will build His church and the gates of hell SHALL NOT prevail against it. That means that the devil is no match for the church. That also means that no church can say that the devil is the reason that “church building” is not going on. SHALL NOT is certainly not a might not or a may not. Church leaders have to have wisdom enough to follow God’s Word to the letter in the building of the church and bold enough to confess this scripture and expect God to honor His Word.

God uses His Word to build. In Genesis 1:3,6,9,11,14, 20,24 we see that God “said” and it was as He said. There is lesson here for us. Many times we don’t have because we don’t say. The Word has to come forth from your mouth!  It has to be the Word of God. It is the Word that is alive and has the power to do the work. Don’t get caught up saying what the news media, television, internet or Facebook say. Say what God says and watch your situations change and begin to line up with the Word of God.


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