Wizards and witches

Listen to the Sow the Word Radio Ministry on iheart radio on Wednesdays at noon.  Grow in God with Sow the Word where we are sowing the Word into the heart of man. We have been studying the book of Daniel.


The world has been fascinated with wizards and witches and magic. We see this in the early chapters of Daniel. I believe that the draw of the world system to magic comes about from a draw to want to be with God.  I believe this because the Bible teaches in Genesis 1:27 that mankind was made in the image of God. We were made to look like God! I believe that we as humans have a desire in us to fellowship with our creator. The issue here, is that magic and the occult is a substitute or a counterfeit of God and we should have no dealings with it. It is important for us to understand that when we deal with the occult, we are going against God and hindering his move in our lives.

Let me give you a plain example here. Harry Potter is not of God and we should have nothing to do with that movie or others like it. Anything that we join ourselves to we become part of and the only thing that we should be a part is God and those things that are of God. You should not even buy those dark dolls and toys. They are not benign. They plant the seed of the enemy and that seed can take root in your children and produce works that are dark and are not of God. Grow in God and His Word and give your children the Word of God to feast on and not the word of the world in the form of wizards and witches.


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