Stone your problems!

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Psalms 118:2 The stone that the building rejected became the chief cornerstone. He is a living stone and you are too! Stone your problems with the Word of God.

We have been talking about King Nebuchadnezzar and his vision that Daniel interpreted. In Daniel 2, Daniel not only told the king what he dreamed and the interpretation, but he also told the king the reason that he had the vision. What an awesome example of how God works. God isn’t trying to hide anything from His children. He wants you to know the details of the work that He called you to do as well as the location and availability of resources for the job.

We understand from the vision that the king saw the stone the was cut out without hands. The stone being cut out without hands means that the stone didn’t represent the earth realm. The stone was Jesus Christ and that stone was going to destroy all of the other kingdoms represented in the vision.  Jesus is the chief cornerstone and God’s word is the builder.


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