Listen to the Sow the Word Radio Ministry on iheart radio on Wednesdays at noon.  Grow in God with Sow the Word where we are sowing the Word into the heart of man. We have been studying the book of Daniel.


Do you have peace? There are manifestations of peace. I like to call them actions in addition to manifestations. Normal blood pressure is a manifestation of peace as is no stress, no anxiety and no worry. See Philippians 4:6-7. Living a peaceful life can lead to living a long life. Don’t allow anxiety, stress and strife to cut your life short.

We talked recently about how recognizing God as your source is a pathway to peace. God has called us to peace, and not anxiety or confusion. You can live a peaceful life in Christ. You don’t have to get upset about what goes on in your family life, relationships and at work. We learn in the early chapters of Daniel that he had the peace of God. He sought God about answers and about direction. We also noted that Daniel asked the king for time to explain and interpret the king’s dream. That’s important for us to point out as the king demanded immediate responses from his magicians and astrologers. Peace is not governed by time, nor is it governored by circumstance. Peace is because of the knowledge of Jesus Christ and knowing that He is going to give you wisdom for every situation and for every circumstance. You have peace because of God not because of a situation that is going well. It doesn’t matter what the situation is doing, you can choose to walk in the peace of God.


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