Eat what God says to eat

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I have continued my teaching about Daniel on the radio ministry and I wanted to share a few more truths concerning the Word of God from this lesson. The reference for this lesson is Daniel chapter 1. King Nebuchadnezzar, who was king of Babylon wanted to Daniel to eat his food and learn the customs and rituals of Babylon. He wanted Daniel to do these things because he wanted Daniel to become a servant in his palace.

We have to be careful what we allow the world system to teach us. We also have to be careful about what we eat. The reason that the king wanted Daniel to learn of the customs and rituals of Babylon and eat the food and drink the wine that the king decreed was because Babylon was trying to make Daniel into someone God did not call him to be. We talked about in our last post how Daniel was a man of God, a servant of God and a man who sought the wisdom of God. If you bow to anything other than God, whatever you bow to will become god to you and you will stray from the teachings of the true and living God. Daniel knew this, and Daniel operated in the wisdom of God. God gave Daniel the ability to interpret visions and dreams and in order to interpret effectively God knew that Daniel would need to know about the land in which he was taken captive. i believe that is why the Lord did not prohibit him from learning about the customs and rituals of Babylon. But we do see however, that God instructed Daniel not to eat the food and drink the wine decreed by the king. Daniel was obedient to God and ate what God said to eat.

We get into trouble when we don’t eat what God says to eat. That is what happened to Adam and Eve in the Garden. God told them what to eat and what not to eat. The devil tried to make God out to be a liar and Eve bought the story and they disobeyed God and ate from the tree that God forebode them to eat from. We have to stay with the Word of God. We can’t stray off to the left or to the right. God has given us clear instruction and as long we are obedient to His Word and allow His wisdom to be the wisdom that we seek and follow, we will make our way prosperous and we will have good success. Not only that, by eating what God tells us to eat and avoiding what He says to avoid we will keep our physical bodies healthy and fit for the work that God has called us to do. In Daniel chapter one we find that after Daniel ate what the Lord said, his appearance was better than that of the others who were groomed to be servants in the king’s palace. It is always better to be obedient to God than to yield Godly principles to the way of the world.


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