Your actions on your job

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We have been teaching from the book of Daniel on the radio ministry in a series called The 4th Man. I want to share some truths with you concerning this lesson where we begin in Daniel chapter 1. We see here in this first chapter of Daniel, that Daniel was taken captive to Babylon. Understand that Daniel was a God fearing, God loving man. His position with God was one that would lead him to receive wisdom and favor from God in a system that did not love God. Babylon was a place that did not fear or reverence God.

The world system that we live in does not love God just like Babylon didn’t . There are two families in the earth, the family that loves God and the family that does not love God. We are born into the kingdom of darkness (family that does not love God) because of Adam’s sin. Once we receive Jesus as our Lord and savior God translates us from the kingdom of darkness to the Kingdom of Light (the family that loves God). That is good news because salvation (Romans 10:9-10) gets us out of the world system.  We are in the world but not of the world. Romans 12:2 teaches us to not be conformed to this world system. That was Daniel is his day and he didn’t have the Holy Spirit living on the inside of him like you do if you are saved. Daniel made the decision to serve and worship God no matter what.

What I want to get to in this posting is your position in your job. Daniel was in a place that did not have relationship with God. Many times your work environment may be such a place. Your direct supervisor may not have relationship with God. You can’t think that just because your work environment is one that is ungodly in thinking and action, that you are not supposed to work there.

God needs His people in every place of employment and in every city. He has you in that job because you are supposed to be the light that your coworkers see. Your coworkers should know that you are a Christian and it should be evidenced by your actions on the job. That does not mean that you need to walk around with your Bible in your hand and that you should wear clothes with scriptures printed on them. It’s the heart that people will see because as a man thinks in his heart, that is how he is. See Proverbs 23:7 Are you showing love to your coworkers? Do you complete your work assignments on time and with a smile. Are you kind to others. Do you do your job as unto the Lord? We are supposed to let our light shine of God even in the workplace and by doing that and showing love to others, the world will know that we have relationship with God.


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